Graber Olive House

GOH 1Nestled in the beautiful historic neighborhoods of old Ontario, CA, the Graber Olive House was established by C. C. Graber. The Graber Olive House website sites the following description of its origins:

“The Historic Olive House is home of world famous Graber Olives grown and produced by the Graber family since 1894….

…After purchasing land in Ontario in 1892, C. C. Graber discovered olives, as cured by the earlier ranchers, to be one of the finest food delicacies of California. After research and study of this method, Mr. Graber cured several barrels and the following season a much greater quantity was demanded by neighbors and friends who had eaten from the original barrels. Thus began Ontario’s oldest existing business.

And now, since 1894, Graber Olives, fully tree-ripened with delicate rich flavor and succulent texture, continue to be enjoyed by generations of families not only in California but throughout the world.” 









From its beautiful exterior, one might not make the assumption that the place is riddled with strange paranormal activity. However, this property is one of the most haunted locations in southern California, despite having no recorded deaths on the property. The mysteries behind the haunts are just that, mysteries. No one truly knows why there is so much paranormal activity centralized in one location. Some theorize that the location holds special and unique spiritual, energetic properties that attract spirits and other entities to the location. Others purpose that the lands the Olive House was built on hold a more obscure history where such haunts are attached to the land. Personally, I believe the location brings a sense of peace to all spirits, native and passerby, that find a sense of comfort and familiarity.

GOH 4From people that have investigated the location, to those that simply walk by the property down the neighborhood, to those that still work at the Olive House, to the current owner (descendant of C. C. Graber) that lives on the property, many have experienced various forms of paranormal activity. The most notable haunts of the Graber Olive House are the Creeper (a dark shadow figure that lurks along the olive vat room) and Luke or Jacob (two young child spirits that roam the loft, storage and boiler rooms).  Apparitions, EVP, shadow figures, phantom footsteps, intelligent, residual, and many more types of paranormal activity permeate from this property. It is a prime location to visit.

This location holds a special place in our hearts as it is the first place we ever investigated, and is a place we have and will continue to explore for many years to come. 

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