Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery


Bachelors_GroveLocated in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL, this abandoned cemetery is one of the most famous locations where a plethora of paranormal activity can be found. Leagues of paranormal enthusiasts, as well as skeptics and the occasional passerby have reported various forms of paranormal anomalies from shadow figures to full body apparitions, phantom lights and cars to ghostly mists and voices. 

The land surrounding Bachelors Grove Cemetery was originally settled by English homesteaders who relocated to the area from New England, including Stephen Rexford, arguably the most well known of the first wave of Anglo settlers, around 1833. Ursula Bielski, author of “Chicago Haunts,” asserts the actual cemetery was originally named the Everdon Cemetery after the original holder of the property title, Samuel Everdon. The site saw its first official burials around 1840 and contains 82 plots, many of which were never sold or used. Burials, however, possibly go back as far as 1834, when German immigrant workers killed while working on the Illinois and Michigan Canal were reportedly laid to rest at the site. The site is often reported to have been a dumping ground for victims of Chicago’s organized crime families of the 1920s and 1930s, but no evidence of this has been proven.girl_on_gravestone_lg

The most notable capture of paranormal activity at the cemetery is known as the “woman sitting on a grave” photograph. This image is one of the oldest known captures of a paranormal anomaly and is widely regarded as a valid piece of evidence of paranormal activity.