Secret Location Ghost Hunt

Close Moon

On 8-1-2015, we were invited to participate in a paranormal investigation of a secret location in southern California. As we ventured to through the hiking trail, we encountered the disembodied scream/wale of a young girl, phantom footsteps, and came across two random man-made monuments at different locations: a circular maze, and a large obelisk.

The maze offered us a very eerie atmosphere where it felt as though we were being watched. The obscure maze was documented in a short video where you can see stepping stones etched with random symbols. (Click the link below to see the video)

Secret Maze 

The location where the obelisk was found was very obscure. Some in the group experienced phantom footsteps. Myself, and various others in the group experienced a weird reverberation coming directly from the obelisk when you placed your hand on it. It felt as though the obelisk was pushing back at you. (Click the link below to see video of the obelisk)

Secret Obelisk

Despite the personal paranormal experiences we had at these locations, we were unable to capture any viable evidence to share. However, the last location we ventured to that evening did prove to be the most unnerving. After hiking nearly a mile, we came upon a large tunnel where it is believed that a man was killed as a result of a truck accident. As we reached the tunnel, two investigators claimed to have seen a shadow figure of a man near the end of the tunnel. As they saw him, the shadow figure quickly darted away and disappeared. After thoroughly checking the area and exhausting every possibility to debunk the occurrence, we were left without a real explanation of what they saw. Minutes later, as I took 6 pictures in succession (each within a second of the other), a shadow figure appears to have been captured in two images. I have provided the images below for your review. You can see in images 1 & 2 that there is a silhouette of what appears to be a man near the center of the tunnel seemingly walking toward me and then vanishing in the following images. All people have been accounted for in the images, but this shadow figure was not seen again that evening. Is it possibly pareidolia? Maybe, but the shadowy figure only appears on two images in different locations and does not appear in the images after. See the images below and decide for yourself.

Image 1 (shadow figure-no outline)


Image 1 (shadow figure outlined)

Image 1

Image 2 (shadow figure has moved forward as if walking toward me- no outline)


Image 2 (shadow figure outlined)

Image 2

Image 3 (with flash-no shadow figure)


Image 4 (with flash-no shadow figure)


Image 5 (no flash and zoomed in)


Image 6 (with flash-no shadow figure)