Glenn Tavern Inn Haunted OC Event 2015 Evidence




This special Face Your Fears event hosted by Haunted Orange County with lead investigator Chad Lindberg was full of activity. The evening was riddled with disembodied voices, random knocks and bangs, and topped off with solo investigation sessions in the most haunted room of the inn: Room 307. Check out our best pieces of audio evidence from the evening below!




While conducting EVP sessions in Room 302, we continued to hear the disembodied voice of a female singing/humming. We attempted to debunk the singing, but were left without an plausible explanation as the plumbing in the building was too loud to be causing this noise, and there were no other people present on the third floor. We also checked outside for any sound contamination, but were unable to locate anyone. This occurred late in the evening, and all windows within the room were shut and blocked off so outside noise or wind was not an issue.

Room 302-Singing/Humming



In Room 306, lead investigator, Chad Lindberg, asks a spirit to knock on the wall. The request for the spirit to knock on the wall had been inspired by previous loud bangs and knocks heard on the door of the room. When they occurred, we were quick to check the hall to ensure no one was making those noises, but found the hall empty every time. After Chad asks for the spirit to knock on the wall, a reply comes through clearly saying two words, “I can’t”. This Class A EVP is one of the best captures of the evening.

Room 306-I can’t



Near the conclusion of the investigation, each guest was allowed to enter Room 307 (the most haunted room at the inn) and given 10-15 minutes alone to investigate. Cameras and audio were set up in the room as guests gathered at nerve center to view each person’s experience as they investigated in isolation in Room 307. This incredible piece of audio evidence was captured by my wife just as she entered into the room and turned on her digital voice recorders. The most surprising part of this audio clip is that it was captured on only one of the two recorders she was carrying. This audio was also not heard by anyone in nerve center, and was not captured on any other device. Right as my wife begins to speak, you hear a female voice greet her saying, “Hi, Cassie”.

Room 307-Hi, Cassie

UPDATE! (9-13-2015)

User submitted photos show the apparition of a young girl. While listening in to a previous episode of the Haunted Mario Podcast, a former guest of the Glen Tavern Inn reached out to me and shared these pictures after hearing of our experiences that night at the inn. Months ago, during a Face Your Fears event with Chad Lindberg of Haunted Orange County and SyFy’s Ghost Stalkers, we had an experience in room 301 where I, my wife, and another investigator picked up on the presence of a little girl. We concluded her name as Delilah (through clairvoyance), and this little girl was described in detail by myself and other investigators. Kristen Black, the guest that submitted these pictures, believes she has captured the apparition of this very same child in the lobby at the inn. You can see in the zoomed in and circled image the face of a young girl, including her hair, head, eyes, and shoulder. The Glen Tavern Inn is claimed to have multiple child spirits roaming all over the inn. Is it possible that this image is of Delilah, the young girl we encountered months earlier in room 301? The image of the girl is compelling, and surely does look similar in appearance to the girl we described. The scraggly hair, the pointed up nose, and the puffy shoulders of what appears to be a dress. I am nearly convinced that this is the same spirit. Perhaps a future investigation will yield more results? Thank you to Kristen Black for submitting these photos.