Haunted Peach

Haunted Peach profileMy name is Casaundra Bernal, but you can call me Haunted Peach. Since the young age of 13, I have become accustomed to the world of the paranormal. My first personal experience was both terrifying, and eye-opening.

When I was 13, we lived in a quiet neighborhood in a modest sized home in Corona, Ca. You would never think such a home could have any paranormal activity attached to it. Until, one day, as I was alone at home, I had an encounter with a horrifying spirit. I was sitting in my room doing my homework, and, as I read my text book, a pair of shoes appeared in my peripheral view near the doorway. I speculated that it may have been my brother, or my parents, so I dismissed it and kept reading. However, after a few seconds, they did not move. After taking notice of this, I looked up and saw a tall, 6 ft. man standing in the doorway. He had a kind smile on his face, at first, but that quickly turned from a docile demeanor to a sinister grin. His grin grew wider, and the skin on his face began to melt away. I was paralyzed with fear. I found that I could not scream, and did not know what to do other than look away. When I looked back, the man was gone. I got up and searched the house, checking every single room and closet, but there was no evidence of anyone being there.

Since then, I have been a firm believer in the paranormal. When I met Mario, and while we were dating, I was hesitant to tell him of my experiences. He was skeptical of the paranormal, and I did not know if he would think I am crazy. Over the years, we became very fond of watching the paranormal shows on television, but chalked them up to good entertainment and nothing more. After our beloved pet died, a chain reaction of events lead us to our very first ghost hunt. Mario wanted to test his debunking abilities, and, after a very active paranormal investigation, we were left with more questions than answers. Thus began our full fledged journey into the paranormal world.

Over the last few years I’ve been on many adventures with Mario that have lead us to some of the most haunted places in America. It feels great to be able to share in my experiences with Mario, as he has become my greatest support. I am dedicated to the paranormal world, and will continue to seek out the unknown for years to come…