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New Paranormal Equipment! P-Tec FSC-2 (Unboxing)

Finally, a better camera! In this video, we are unboxing the newest addition to our paranormal gear: the FSC-2 full spectrum camera. This is available via P-Tec by shopping their website at for a very reasonable price.

We’re Returning to the Comstock!

Return to the Comstock for the 7th Annual Virginia City ParaCon! Don’t miss out on this event, and the opportunity to explore and investigate one of the most haunted towns in Nevada! This event always kicks so much ass, and the entire town is full of rich history and is never in short supply of […]

Monsterpalooza 2017!

Check out some awesome pictures from our trip to this year’s Monsterpalooza! (Click on the image to go to the page)

New Podcast Is Up!

Listen in to some haunted tales from Huntington Beach, CA, as well as our recap of Halloween Club’s 5th annual Spook Show, and we review an EVP from our latest ghost hunt! (Click on the image below to view the page)

Q&A with Chad Lindberg of Ghost Stalkers!

Check out Haunted OC’s Chad Lindberg Q&A from Halloween Club’s 5th Annual Spook Show. (Click the image below to view the video on our youtube channel!)

Pictures from Halloween’s Spook Show!

Check out pictures from Halloween Club’s 5th Annual Spook Show taken by Haunted Mario! (Click on the image below to view the album on our Facebook page!)

Halloween Club Spook Show 5!

Find us at the 5th annual Halloween Spook show event at the Halloween Club in La Mirada, CA this Saturday (3/11/2017. We will be at the Haunted Orange County booth with fellow paranormal investigator Chad Lindberg of Destination America’s hit paranormal series: Ghost Stalkers! By the way…THE EVENT IS FREE!!! (Click the image below for […]

We’re back! New Podcast Is Up!

It’s finally here! The Haunted Mario Podcast is back! Join us as we recap the events of the 2nd half of 2016, and announce our new paranormal adventure coming this summer! Podcast topics include: recaps of Midsummer Scream and Scare LA with exclusive pictures and videos, our paranormal investigations at the Bracken Fern Manor & […]

A special message from the team…

Hello, everyone! It has been an incredibly hectic 2nd half to 2016, and we’ve been beyond busy with adult responsibilities and other events (both paranormal and non-paranormal) that it has become rather difficult to keep up with the page. So, to start, we just want to apologize for not being as active on this page […]

May is Latin Urban Legends Month!

This month we delve into the urban legends and haunts of the Latin Americas! Stay tuned this week for a special Creature Feature about the legendary chupacabra, Supernatural Spotlight on the haunted Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, and a Ghost Writer feature of the ghostly writings of an anonymous Aztec poet. Also, a brand new […]